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doesn’t feel like marketing.

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Who am I

Marketing Strategy
Web Creation + Design
Online Advertising
Project Management
Community Management

Born as a digital native, I always had access to a computer during my early years. Curious as I am, I asked myself how the internet worked and how can I contribute to it. After years of self-taught website creation and forum moderation, I discovered a passion for online communities leveraging technical and communication skills.

After pursuing language studies, I went back to what I enjoyed doing the most : digital communication. I joined CREA Genève in their first bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing and Online Communication. During the degree, the workshops, student jobs and volunteering positions I engaged in helped during my studies helped me create a hands-on and practical experience in Digital Strategy, Website Creation, Digital Advertising and Community Management around numerous subjects.

After exploring many digital solutions, I wanted to help SMEs find the best price/quality solutions to help them grow. To help with that, I co-founded Nativs Sàrl, in 2015, a digital communication agency that help Small and Medium businesses in their Digital Marketing and Online Communication campaigns.

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